C3 ai stock Forecast – 2022 – 2025 – 2030

C3 ai Stock forecast 2022, AI Stock forecast 2022, based on all analysis, price is expected to reach a Maximum Range of $17.75 at the end of 2022.

Welcome you to our series of Stock forecasts, Predictions, and price targets for 2022 – 2025 – 2030.

Today we will analyze the stocks with all analyses, i.e Technical, Fundamental analysis, & AI-based analysis, and today’s stock is – C3.ai, Inc, AI stock forecast 2022 – 2025 – 2030.

C3 ai, Inc. Company’s some Information

C3.ai is an American enterprise and AI software leader for advancing digital transformation. Previously known as C3 IoT, Inc., the firm changed its name to C3.ai, Inc. in June 2019.

Thomas Siebel founded the company C3.ai in 2009 and he is the founder and also work as its CEO, since 2011. Its headquarters are in Redwood City, California. The U.S.

For businesses, the company offers a variety of software-as-a-service applications. For a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, manufacturing, retail, banking, financial services, intelligence, aerospace and defense, healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, smart cities, transportation, and others, the company also provides integrated turnkey enterprise AI applications.

C3.ai, Inc. serves customers primarily in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

C3 ai, Inc. company’s Fundamental Data Analysis

> C3.ai, Inc., has Revenue growth data in strong upside with @ 27.96% CAGR annually over its past 3 years.

> C3.ai, Inc., Since last so many quarterly Net Income data comes in losses.

C3.ai, Inc., Latest Quarter- Q2 July 2022 Earning

> C3.ai, Inc., Revenue was at $65.308 Million compared with $52.406 Million last year, 24.60 % UP YOY

> C3.ai, Inc., reported a net loss of -$71.871 Million, as compared with -$37.459 Million loss last year. Loss Increased by -92 % YOY

Investors’ worries about C3.ai’s sluggish development, continuous losses, and high valuations caused it to lose some of its appeals. Interest rate also increases aggravated the suffering.

About C3.ai (AI)

C3.ai is a leading enterprise artificial intelligence software provider. The company provides a suite of AI solutions that help organizations to build and deploy AI applications at scale. C3.ai’s platform enables organizations to quickly develop, deploy, and operate AI models, reducing the time and complexity associated with traditional AI development efforts.

The solutions offered by C3.ai are intended to assist businesses in boosting productivity, cutting expenses, and improving operational efficiency. They are used across a range of industries, including energy, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The company was established in 2009, and its main office is in Redwood City, California. It has won many accolades and recognitions for its AI innovations and industry leadership.

Financial Data And Performance

Market Capital2.368B
Enterprise Value2.17B
Shares Outstanding108.71M
EPS (TTM)-1.97
PE Ratio (TTM)N/A
52 Week Range10.16 – 30.92
200-Day Moving Average16.63
Avg. Volume17,658,938
Trailing P/EN/A
Forward P/EN/A

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C3.ai, Inc. Company’s Technical Data Analysis

NYSE AI- C3 ai stock -Technical Analysis Chart

Can C3 ai stock price to touch $20? - C3 ai stock Forecast
Is C3 ai’s stock price falling to $5? – C3 ai stock Forecast – Updated on 03 October 2022

C3 ai, Inc, a software company’s stock trades nearly 70% below its initial public offering (IPO) price. After making an all-time high of $183.90 on 23 Dec 2020, the price of the company started to fall out and recently make a low of $12.14 on 29 Sept 2022.

C3.ai, Inc.’s share price fell by 31% during the last month, and Year to today also price fell by 73%. Major trends and also short-term trends are in Bearish. Short -Term trends only get bullish, if the price moves above $23.60 levels.

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2022 – 2025 – 2030

Here you will find the Stocks Forecast, price prediction, and target for 2022 – 2025 – 2030.

We here give you the stock forecast/prediction at hindiallkuchh.com with help of analyzing the data by Fundamental data, technical analysis, Elliott wave analysis, and AI of C3.ai‘s past price data, and also what Experts are saying about its future Stock Forecast.

Please remember that this forecast, prediction, or any target is only a suggestion given by experts or analysis. The forecast/prediction that will be perfect is almost impossible. Errors always exist in any analysis, but we try our best to give good price stock forecasts/predictions.

NYSE AI – C3 ai Stock Today – Overview

AI Price Today by TradingView

NYSE AI – C3 ai Stock Today Live Chart

AI Stock Price Today by TradingView

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2022

Keep watching the trends in Stock markets, C3 ai Stock looks not good in the current year 2022. According to a techno-funda analysis of C3 ai Stock Forecast 2022, AI stock forecast 2022, the stock is expected to touch the Lower range at $15.75, Higher Range can reach $17.75, and Medium Range at $16.50

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2025

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2025, AI stock forecast 2025, as per AI – based Analysis, stock price expected to touch the Lower range at $31.75, Higher Range can get $36.50 and Medium Range is at $34.25.

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2026

By the end of 2026, the share price of C3.ai stocks will rise to 26.08 USD. Analysts predict that the lowest price target will be 24.78 USD and the highest will be 26.66 USD. Positive dynamics will prevail and the possible monthly price volatility of 7.041% is expected to be seen.

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2030 

C3 ai Stock Forecast 2030, AI stock forecast 2030, as per all analyses, price to touch the Lower range at $97.25, Higher Range can get up to $111.25 and Medium Range is at $104.00.

C3.ai Stocks  – Buy Or Sell?

According to the analysis conducted on C3.ai and its performance in recent years, Analysts expect its stock prices to increase in the coming years and have given its stock a consensus rating of BUY.

C3.ai (NYSE: AI) is a machine-learning software company that has been gaining attention in recent times. The company’s stock has seen significant growth and investors are speculating about its potential for future gains. 

This is due to C3.ai’s recent announcement about launching a new AI software suite called the C3 Generative AI Product Suite, which will provide enterprise users with an AI-enhanced user experience. Investors are upbeat about the company’s future prospects as a result of this move, which puts it at the forefront of the rapidly expanding AI business.

The first item in this line-up, C3 Generative AI for Enterprise Search, will use the most recent and cutting-edge models, including ChatGPT, in AI technology from companies like OpenAI. With the growing demand for AI and machine learning technology, C3.ai is poised to benefit from the global AI market’s growth.

Investors are bullish about C3.ai’s future, and some analysts predict that AI stock could reach $100 by 2025. This represents significant potential gains for the company’s shareholders. Additionally, if C3.ai continues to innovate and release leading-edge products, the company’s future looks bright.

C3 ai Stock Forecast FAQ

What will be the C3 ai Stock Forecast 2022?

The C3 ai Stock Forecast 2022, ai Stock Forecast 2022, based on all analyses, the stock price is expected to reach a maximum level of $17.75 at the end of 2022. (Will be updated every 20-25 days)

Can C3 ai stock price to touch $20?

As June 2022 Quarter earning data comes, was not good to encouraging for any short-term investments and the technical chart also indicates short-term bearish in C3 ai stock. All indicators indicate that C3 ai stock might not touch $20 in short-term run. Technically Short -Term trends only get balanced, if the price moves above $17.50 levels.

What will be the C3 ai Stock forecast in 5 years?

As per the current all data analysis, C3 Ai Stock will be expected (if all is well) to reach the highest price of $45 in 5 years.

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